At Binaryveda, we strive everyday to achieve perfection in what we do. We believe that a strong knowledge of fundamentals needs to be seamlessly supplemented by hands-on experience. A great stress is laid on precision - in order to give you exactly what you want, and maybe better.

Prospective employees are screened for being self-motivated and having an eye for detail.One of the most important traits is knowing when to ask for help and who to ask - and we love those who can lead themselves and also be open to constructive criticism from the team.

Agile development culture is followed and we always keep a tab of what we want to do today and what is the immediate next thing to do. We work in short sprints to complete a few functionalities at a time - making the development process responsive to changes and adaptable to the emergence of new technologies and platforms.

  • We prioritise client's requirements.
  • We start working on the top priority requirements.
  • After completion of each requirement, we ship a functional and usable app with the functionalities developed during that iteration.
  • We focus on the next requirement in our priority queue and repeat the above steps.
During each stage in the development, our client has access to a functional app even as more functionalities are built on top of that.

Management at Binaryveda is both centralized and distributed. Each member in our development team is responsible for doing their alotted job perfectly. They often go the extra mile to deliver modules which are future-ready.

Our team works cohesively on every single project to make sure each module of your product is able to communicate with other modules with significant ease and consistency. Our work represents this cohesive design and development effort that we put in. Each of our projects receives special care with respect to detailing and design as well as code optimization.