Mobile product engineering

An app isnt just a platform where your users interact with the services you provide, it represents your whole ideology - its your face in front of your customers. They recognize you by the user experience your app provides. They indirectly connect brand value to the experience they have while using your services through your app.

In such a scenario, just getting the app to do the things it is required to is not the end. It is just the beginning. Your app should be perfect in every way.

We lay great stress on achieving this perfection right from the very beginning. We just hate to compromise on a product.

With years of expertise in designing products from the concept stage to their launch, we have the skills required to engineer your product in the best possible way.

We've planned and worked with some of the finest companies around and we know that product design is not an easy task - and it deserves the same amount of attention to detail as product development.

At Binaryveda, we put in extreme amount of care to make sure you get more than what you desire - and in this way, we assure you that your product will brilliantly stand out!

Rescue mission

We understand that not everyone needs to get their app developed from scratch. Sometimes, all one needs is a helping hand to help them cross the bridge between their current version of the app and the version they believe should be at the time of launch.

At times, bugs pop up. Or it may happen you really don't like the current version of your app. Or it maybe that you like the app but want it to become better.

At Binaryveda, we understand your requirements very well. We not only help in adding more features to your app but we also go a step ahead and do all it takes to make your app really shine.

Technology migration

Technology platforms are ever changing. Platforms from 10 years ago are hardly used any more. Operating systems keep getting updated. New devices keep coming in. In a few years, almost everything is completely different.

Technology migration is an important part of any software development project. There is no technology that's future proof - or something that cannot be made better any more.

Newer frameworks require porting, re-writing or sometimes completely re-designing software. In the race to become better, you need to keep yourself constantly updated about the recent trends and best practices in coding.

At Binaryveda, we are continuously learning every second of the day and keeping ourselves updated so that when you need an 'upgrade', we can make it available to you as soon as possible.