Native mobile app development

We're experienced in developing native apps for the following platforms -

  • Apple iOS - using C, C++, Objective C or Swift on XCode
  • Google Android - using Java
  • Windows Phone - using C#, C++ or JavaScript/HTML
Apart from this we are skilled in developing on the following cross-platform frameworks -
  • Xamarin - write in C#, deploy on iOS, Android and Windows.
  • PhoneGap - write using HTML5/JavaScript, deploy anywhere using native browser backend.
  • Titanium - write using JavaScript and custom XML, deploy on Android and iOS.

Using the latest technology platforms and the best coding practices, we ensure that your native app runs blazing fast and delights your customers.

Hybrid mobile app development

Hybrid apps are backed by the device's browser and can be developed once and deployed on multiple platforms.

We're experienced in developing hybrid apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phones and other devices.

Accessory programming

Firmware and drivers form an important part of any hardware. Drivers help devices connect to each other and communicate in order to perform operations, convey instructions, retrieve status of the device among many other things.

It is important to understand a device's fundamental programming before designing a firmware for it. At times, this required working on embedded systems for completely new hardware configurations.

We're skilled in programming firmware and drivers to enable your devices to connect to phones or tablets via WiFi, Bluetooth or any other standard connection.

Web portal development

If your service is dynamic and you constantly need to update data on the backend, you realy need a proper web backend which makes it easier to share data editing tasks.

We're skilled in designing agile backends for your data management needs built using the latest web technologies.

API programming

APIs can make your data available to multiple devices.

If you have a website, say an e-commerce store and want to get an app for it, you need an API that can communicate this data to the app.

An API also lets your users deploy apps on top of your platform or service. It is very handy when you have to give limited access to certain features of your website or service.

At Binaryveda, we are skilled in API design and development for all your needs. We can develop SOAP or REST APIs as per your project's requirement and get you started on extending your services within no time.