Mr. Mani Laxmipathy is following his dreams as his tech firm has just landed a huge client.

Although Mr. Mani enjoys being surrounded by technology, he is a nature lover and environment-conscious. His ideals and values are inclined towards a greener planet and thus is very cautious of his contribution to pollution & other such detriments.

Problem Statement

Although Mr. Mani chooses to go green and is proud of his choice, he contemplates the effort to make manual calculations of the distance he can cover in a single charge, be aware of the charging stations nearby and also keep an eye on the upcoming maintenance dates

For a citizen who thinks so much for the environment, it’s time technology thinks for them.

The Solution

During his research, Mr. Mani discovers Mahindra’s Nemo and the app that makes life easy.

Through the Nemo app, he is informed about the battery status, the exact distance he can cover on that charge and gauge the trip feasibility.

On just a touch, he can now get an X-ray of his car status and also use remote charging options to be stress-free. Now, there’s no stopping him.


Mr. Mani is now engrossed in improving the Eco Green Score within the app & has become passionate about making the environment better.

At times he even surprises his wife by enabling remote cooling through the app.

Mahindra’s search for an expert team ended with Binaryveda.

The app was built in a record time of 3 months and it proved to be the apt medium for Mahindra to leverage the electric vehicle boom.


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