Jasmeet Singh hails from the city of Chandigarh, Punjab and has recently moved to Canada for work.

Being the sole breadwinner, he constantly needs to send money to his elderly parents and brother, who is currently pursuing graduation.

Problem Statement

Jasmeet’s busy schedule doesn’t allow him enough time to visit the bank for his tasks. And it being an international transfer, the paperwork’s just too tedious for him.

Jasmeet would value a service that lets him transfer money in a paperless and hassle-free manner.

The Solution

Jasmeet discovers Axis Bank’s RemitMoney on Apple Store.

The only procedure for him (and that too one-time) is to,

  • Add his Parent’s and brother’s account details
  • See the real-time value of INR through the interactive interface
  • Tap on send to transfer

All this from his phone in a matter of minutes!

Lesser time, more value.


Jasmeet now transfers money to his family back in Punjab without any worries. He can easily check his statements for the status of the money transfer.

Now, he gives into the occasional requests from his brother for extra pocket-money with a smile.

Binaryveda made sure that Mr. Jasmeet Singh experienced a seamless money transfer back home. Our architecture was built to sustain all technical integrations and absorb all complexities.


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