Priya Salaskar is pursuing her graduate degree in Media. She’s moved to a new city, away from home, and is loving her new-found freedom.

She already has a circle of friends who come over at her place and she’s living a dream life.


Problem Statement

But since she’s away from home, she’s also less in touch with her mother and family doctor.

Which means she has no one to talk to when it comes to intimate health discussions. No one to address it immediately.

She feels insecure to reach out to her new friends or confide in a new doctor around.


The Solution

Out of hesitation, she consulted her new best friend who introduced her to Veera Health App.

Through the app, Priya easily connected to a qualified doctor and got her health concerns addressed at the comfort of her home and privacy intact.



She loved the fact that she could get the consultation done amid her busy college and social life.

Priya now schedules her appointment at her will and without any insecure feeling for her continued treatment.


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